The act of taking off your shirt and showing your abs (or a lack thereof) during a party. Note: this only occurs when females are present.
This guy got totally drunk and was totally frantzing these two girls. I don't know why he was showin off that beer belly.
by Ptum September 20, 2010
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Frantz defies the limits.. Always exceeds the expectations of doubters and haters. Real person who is destine for greatness.
Damn look at Frantz, how he doing better than me? He was just down for the count!!
by New age Matrix December 21, 2016
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FRANTZ is smart, stuck up, moody(looks mad but always happy)adventurous so when he sees a show/movie and it has adventure in the show/movie he wants to be the main character if you are Frantz you are the best fuckin person in the world!!!
FRANTZ watched Merlin now he wants to be a warlock.
by Francisco pelpleez September 30, 2018
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Pretty lit, got waves, a crip , wavy nigga, got popeyes 5 dollarbox, got a du-rag, nobody knows what he will do next,is WavyCrip
Damn! its Frantz the wavy nigga whats he gunna do this time
by WavyCrip May 30, 2019
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Person born of Eastern European heritage, usually spelled Frantz, or Franz.

One born of German decent.
I met Frantz ina town north of Berlin.
by Ambien Dreams December 19, 2016
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1. (v) To shirk an important responsibility even to the point of self destruction
2. (v) To permanently stain ones family's good name.
1. Hey, did you write that final paper that we have to do or else we fail or are you gonna frantz it until the last minute?
2. I was really pissed off at my parents so I got myself arrested for male prostitution and frantzed them.
by The Mystery Beast December 18, 2003
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