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the nick name of the most talented pop/jazz/swing singer in the world he is addicting to listent to and will always be known for doing it his way . He is such a bad ass and will never be forgotten . Sinatra is the king of cool the chairman of the board and lady killer and th ebest damn thing to happen to pop music is credited for comeing with the concept album and over his 60 year career has one multipul oscars grammys emmys and a life time achievement award is the as american as they come and was colored blind(not literl) and protested for civil rights and made many short films about equallity an inspiration and basically a god and everything you should wat to be sucessful ,stubborn ,smart and bad ass . frank sinatra is and will always be the king of cool . Sadley he passed in 1998 and people seem to have forgotten him but don't he will make a comeback it wouldn't be his first.
frankie boy is the king of cool
by himym in ur bedroom last night December 08, 2010
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