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The new vagina of a man after sexual reassignment surgery,particularly gruesome in appearance during the initial stages of the healing process.
Jonny went into the hospital and came out jane. To prove that he was now a woman he gave us a look see at his new frankensnatch that was still in stitches. It was a hungry looking thing that could make any grown man cry.
by illinforyu August 11, 2009
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This term is used when women quite simply have gone way too far artificially to achieve higher self-esteem that you wonder what she has also had done to her vagina in her vain efforts.

A woman who has had more plastic surgery than necessary.

- more peircings than skin.

- more tanning than her hand-bag.

- more ink than a comic book.
I won't date Betty because I'm afraid of Frankensnatch.
by bbwjill June 12, 2011
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