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A female that looks as if she was constructed from parts that came from different bodies. Common features are (an)unnormally long or large arms, legs, torso, or neck. This ofcourse has to be in contrast to the female's body.
Man, that broad that Paul knocked up's head and neck look like they're off another chick's body. She's such a frankenhooker.
by dpms July 20, 2005
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1) The character in the song of the same name by The 69 Eyes

2) A dead hooker reanimated after being reconstruced from parts of other dead hookers

3) Someone who sucks
1) "I 'aint looking for no head, from some fuckin' living dead, Dirty ass Frankenhooker"

2) Guy one; Dude, she looks like the hooker of Frakenstien!
Guy two; It's a Frankenhooker!

3) "You Suck!"
by Teenage_Death_Girl September 02, 2007
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