Blaxploitation movie from 1974. Starred Pam Grier as the title character. It is notable for having a strong FEMALE protagonist fighting AGAINST pimps and dealers — in this case evil white people. Most other blaxploitation movies had a male pimp/dealer as the protagonist, like in Superfly.
In Foxy Brown, Pam Grier witnesses her lover's murder, disowns her brother, frees young black woman from lesbians and white pimps, beats the crap out of said lesbians and white pimps, gets kidnapped and raped by white slavers before blinding them with a wire hanger and blowing up their heroin lab while the crackers are still inside, dismantles a criminal empire run by a white lady named Catherine and cuts off a honky's wee wee.

Best movie of all time.
by Mister Thang April 17, 2005
an ebony woman who is so fucking good as an MC.She is commanly mistaken with the Reggae singer Foxy. Formaly known as the Ill Na Na
Pass me that Foxy Brown cd.She is da ill na na
Even though I dislike most hip-hop, I LOVE listening to Broken Silence by Foxy Brown because I feel her pain....
by x0 November 8, 2003
Easily the most talented female rapper, hands down. Is the sexual fantasy of men worldwide and I'm sure that any married male would ditch their wife to get a taste of her pussy.
by RebelINS April 29, 2005
Beautiful and gifted rap poetess.A sexy ebony fox!Is often hated on by some dicks who wouldn't know talent if they saw it.
by Stix September 4, 2003 who does not write their own songs.
from the rapper foxy brown who is pretty much the running joke of of other female rappers such as lil kim and eve, because people like nas write her songs for her. therefore has beef with both lil kim and eve.
'don't you know i write my own sh!t?! send that sh!t to foxy!'-lil kim
'i can't be waiting on her and her ghostwriter to be coming back at me. not my fault she hasn't had a hit since 1996 and her bank account is looking the same'- eve
by me old fruity August 3, 2005
1. A lame rapper that does't write her own lyrics.
2. A stripper turned wannabe rapper.
3. A rapper who was beaten down by Jacki-O
"And we see you're a liar, tryin' to deny her
Jacki-O proved you far from a fighter
Comin' at me, b!#ch, your playin with fire
I ain't gon' come back at you, i'm comin' at your ghost writer!" Lil Kim

Foxy Brown is deaf.
by Jorge Llamas April 24, 2006