tropical American plant having multicolored tubular flowers which its scientific name's Mirabilis jalapa.
they're in four colors;red,pink.white and yellow.
we have some four o'clock flowers in the yard.
by nima goleij May 10, 2016
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Is a word to describe grabbing the nearest person to you at the end of a night out when you have not got with anyone decent with the idea of having sex with them
Dude its nearly closing time the dj has just put on dont stop believing you better get a four o'clock shuffle quick!
by Crennaldo July 18, 2009
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The four o'clock freak-out occurs on Sunday afternoons before the start of a week of college work. You suddenly realize that it is already four o'clock (the day is almost over!) and you have not done anything in preparation for the week ahead. Instead you have wasted the time you had to do work by surfing facebook, napping, and shopping. This catastrophe could be followed closely by the five o'clock freak-out, which sneaks up while you are wasting more time freaking out.
I spent Friday and Saturday having fun, with good intentions to study on Sunday. I slept in late, putzed around the house until I realized it was FOUR O'CLOCK and I still had to write three papers and put together a presentation, suddenly my stomach dropped, my heart started pounding, and I knew I was experiencing the Four O'clock Freak-out!
by 1wildcatginger December 8, 2009
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Islander slang. Describes how a tired and ragged look on someones face, that usually occurs around 4:00 pm.
Doctor: "how's the patient doing today?"
Aid: "Every puss has its 4 o'clock"
by Jeff Barouch June 23, 2004
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