A derivative of the words 'Fo Sho' which in turn is a derivative of the words 'For Sure' It was originated by the Doggfather, big Snoop Dizzle aka Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Doggy Dogg, also creator of the term ' DEEZ NUTZ'
by Ron H, April 09, 2007
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A cooler word for "for sure." All the cool kids are saying it.
me - "You are using words with the letter 'z' in it a lot lately."
syd - "fo shizzle"
by Holmes December 05, 2002
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A lame-ass catchphrase that was (arguably) coined by a first-class loser who goes by the lame-ass moniker of "Snoop Dog" to mean "for sure" or "I definitely agree with that".

Whenever you hear this word being used you know: a) The loser is trying desparately to be cool. b) The loser is trying desparately to be black. c) Both.

This phrase is especially popular amongst insecure, uncool and extremely lame, adolescent, middle- or upper-class white surburban wiggers.

WARNING: Never let your friends or loved ones use this phrase except in mockery or jest. Should you hear them utter this retarded catchphrase, proceed to beat some sense into them using any method you can. You will thank me for it later when people wake up and realize how stupid phrase really is.
Loser #1: "'Ey, yo, dat was TIGHT!"
Loser #2: "Fo shizzle!"
by Correct May 19, 2005
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A response to an inquiry or statement so obvious or certain that saying, "For Sure," just wouldn't do it justice.

Due to its popular over-useage in the early 21st century, it is now reserved for use on special occasions when that extra emphasis is needed.
"Do you want to live?"
"Fo Shizzle!"
by geminigod July 26, 2012
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what losers say when they think they are cool. chances are, they don't even know what it means. they just stick it in random place in a sentence to be cool.

it really mean like, "for sure" though.
normal person: hey wanna hang out?
"cool" person:yo fo shizzle hizzle like fo shizzle....
normal person: is that a yes?
"cool" person: fo shizzle!
normal person thinking: what a loser!
by CrazyCatLover April 29, 2006
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