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When someone gets sleep exhaustion from playing to much Fortnite
“Why’s John not here at school?”
“Oh, he was up too late and he got Fortnitus.”
by Atticus7362 May 06, 2018
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Its when you catch a disease where you gain herbert the pervert powers and choose Fortnite over every game in your collection, Fortnitus has affected almost a tenth of all Americans. Symptoms include - The urge to skip school, The urge to skip work, Drowsiness (from loss of sleep) and being triggered.
Dude you've got fortnitus
by fortnitus March 05, 2018
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That one Autistic kid in your class who still spends racks on fortnite, often , someone who has contacted a bad case of Fortnitus, will always be that kid who misses school in the week, just to get some more wins and then they proceed to tell everyone the next day. Often this person is a massive virgin and aspires to be like ninja (and comes into school lookin like Ninja's billboard)
damn, Rafi Goldsmith hasn't been back to school in months, think he got a case of Fortnitus?

WTF!!!!, did you hear that the autistic guy with a bad case of Fortnitus maxed out his dad's credit card and now he can't afford child support LMAO Xd
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by anti_social_social_club March 01, 2019
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