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Fortismere is a rich school that is filled with pregnant druggies, starting in year 7. The school is contains by 6 different types of people. The loners who don't talk and/or don't socialise. The Arty bitches, who always carry around annoying big ass bag that gets in peoples way. The Unique Bitches, who wear anything to be an outcast, but they're all hella popular. The hypebeasts who are never seen out of designer, side note always snobby. The btec roadmen who think they're bad but live in a five story house in Muswell Hill with their mum Sharron who drinks tea daily. And the 'edgy' skets who think there different but wear the most popular shit..
'Oh you go to fortismere! I have an Edgy loner hypebeast roadman friend that goes there, its so posh'
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