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"In Tucson, AZ, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik pronounced the /immigration related/ legislation to be “an exercise in political fornicaboobery,’’ suggesting it is a meaningless exercise at best."

A bill which allows Arizona police officers to question and request papers from anyone they suspect might be in the country illegally. First (and hopefully last) example known to the English language.

A combination of "fornication" (the polite way to say "copulate") + "boob" (known to be an insult, see "noob") and turned into an adjective by the suffix "-ery"
I can't believe this fornicaboobery, Arizona just legalized racial profiling!

"an exercise in political fornicaboobery"

I hope Congress doesn't allow fornicaboobery like this to set precedent for other states...

see article. "Students chain themselves to Old Capitol building doors" published by the Sierra Vista Herald
by Salvador Mestizo April 27, 2010
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