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Someone who used to cut. Meaning, they used to slash and draw blood from themselves with sharp objects. Most former cutters are proud, they stopped cutting either with help or alone, and can generally easily talk about their past life. However, even former cutters are generally still a bit unstable (for lack of a better and less demeaning word). Because of this, cutting still feels like a part of them and it can be very tempting at times.

If you meet a former cutter, don't make fun of cutting, they will generally take personal offense.
I'm a former cutter, I haven't cut in 43 days on today, October 11. I'm proud of my accomplishment, and I don't mind speaking about it. Don't be mean though, I take offense when people make fun of me or anyone that even cut.


A- *holding a knife to her wrist jokingly* It hurts so good! *laughs*

Me- *turns away and doesn't laugh*


Don't be mean to former cutters, be supportive and congratulate them.
by Jinx; former cutter October 11, 2009
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