Used when stating something that is not true or real. Opposite of forreal
When Levondre said his escalade was riding on dubs forreal, Keishon said your forfake man those are 19's yo!
by Cathy Johnstone January 20, 2008
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A person who is not forrealing you.
To feel the need to not keep it fresh.
Never feeling like a real object.
Opposite of forreal.
Synonym of fakeness.
Bringing Ugly Back.
Created in a time where forreal started to gear off course and became a fake environment.
"I saw that girl, she was sexy, forfake."
" I ain't about that forfakeness."
"Forreal? Naw man forfake."
" I can not handle this forfake!"
" Baby I loves you... forfake."
by Mizz_Rae11 May 9, 2013
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