While masterbating without lotion, the heat from the friction causes the pubic hair to ignite.
Phil doesn't have to shave now because of the forest fire last night.
by PSpin420 November 01, 2009
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A word used when labeling a homosexual as a very big homosexual, the other word used for a homosexual is a flamer, forestfire is a word to describe homos that are very open,visual and proactive about their sexuality.
by imameric September 06, 2010
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a bushy cunt with crabs.
A woman you have to stay away from. She will give you a burning lip stick. And that is not fun. That is what will will happen is you touch a forest fire.
by Adam Mchimer February 17, 2008
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When a Woman is trying to find the Dick inside the man's bush and sucks it off
She tried to find my forest fire last night
by WoodyTheFukBoi May 12, 2018
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