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A school full of fuck boys that will cheat on you and lead you on. There's a few people that are loyal. There's a lot of hoes. Half the school is spanish and the other half is black. There's barely any white people. Umm what else a lot of wanna be rednecks and wanna be blacks. Smh it's a nasty ass school kids leave food everywhere and don't know how to pick up after themselves. Girls bathroom is disgusting they don't know how to place tampons and pads in the garbage, boys bathroom smells like shit. A lot of stupid little fights over stupid shit. Half the kids smoke mujuana and drink over the weekends and brag about it on Monday. You get lunch detentions if your late to school. They say it's 5 mins but it's like 2 mins. We only get 5 mins to get to each class. It's impossible half the kids stop in the middle of the hallway such as the black kids and the Spanish kids cause they think they're the shit. Half the kids that go there don't care about their education. It is like Palm beach central. Some of the ap's are cool and the other half are just asshole. The dress code is whack and half the school doesn't follow it. The school food is disgusting. Some kids got food poisoning from it. You cant wear sandals or you will get sent home or you have to wait in the office just for someone to bring you shoes. Some of the teachers are assholes and racist.
A whack school such as forest hill high school
by Youngballer March 17, 2017
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