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A term cleverbot gives in response to one 'lol-ing' repeatedly in conversation. It's origin is unknown, but it is synonymous with:
1. "LOL"
2. "I hate people who say 'LOL'"
3. "I'm going to punch you in the face for saying 'LOL' at such an inappropriate time."
4. "Star Trek"
5. "You are a stupid bot."
6. "I am Chuck Norris."
7. "I honestly have no idea what LOL means so I will give you an equally stupid and superfluous word that has absolutely no meaning and will just confuse you and you will leave me alone so I will not get angry at you for saying LOL and punch you in the face like Chuck Norris would if he were on Star Trek, you stupid bot, and that would cause me great LOLs."
Person: LOL
Cleverbot: Lol?
Person: LOL
Cleverbot: No, fordupatank.
Person: What is fordupatank?
Cleverbot: I am Chuck Norris.
by BMuso October 11, 2010
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