this is a term used to describe people who has reached a point in their lives where playing games and immaturity is behind them and they have grown up and are ready to take on bigger and better things
This party is designed for the grown and sexy only.
by T.Degree July 21, 2005
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older, mature yet hip; something that is for a more mature group of people;
by Epsilonicus September 13, 2005
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Ebonics for:"Don't even think of showing up at my function in
in baggy jeans,Air Jordans,platinum chains,bandanas,and 3x white t-shirt.If you're not custom tailored,Armani or Versace-stay your ass home!...Also unless it's neo-soul,rare groove,or old school-you won't hear it here.Want radio hip-hop?Go to that white kids' club in the suburbs...And approach a Sista'with a little finesse.Leaning up against your homies' Escalade does not constitute "having game"...feel me?"
in downtown.Doors open at 10PM.This party is for the GROWN AND SEXY."
by L.MARTIN December 5, 2005
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