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Used as another word for food.
Can be a specific food or a group of many different foods.
"Whether it's a potato or a nut, it's a foodage."

by Denroid March 21, 2007
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Another word for food.
Food in the plural tense.
I need some foodage.
Let's go get some foodage.
by Anonomouys January 02, 2005
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the act of filming one's self while eating food. it can also be used when taking still photos. see also foodtography.
I got some sweet foodage for a film i'm making about eating at dinner yesterday.

if you've got foodage, the food network is the place to go.
by Zachity March 12, 2011
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Often used in modern day life as an alternative for 'food'. Used mostly by 13-18 year olds
'Boy meets Caligulor' Season 3 Episode 13 Gregsteen - 'Lets get some foodage yo!!!' Caligular - 'I hate you'
by Jamie Lee Roberts October 31, 2006
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