A place that Mr. T wont hang out.
$foo=1; echo "that is $foo foo that i pity!";

$bar="stay out of that foo bar sucka!";
by NotYourFoo July 18, 2010
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1. A bar full of Fooey goodness
2. A type of wrench
3. A chocolate brand
4. A computing term
5. Slang for a mistake/accident.
6. Can be used opposite barfoo
"I can't believe Jerry ate that dirty Foobar."
"That Foobar won't turn anything"
by MWongaz December 06, 2007
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synonym and derivative of phooey. Meant to express frustration, contempt, exasperation, or resign.
"Anne you beat me again at home jeopardy, foobar," exclaimed Mike.
by a_gemini January 12, 2007
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A version of phooey used in the SF Bay Area.
"Foobar," Mike exclaimed when could not answer the riddle.
by akr_mco January 15, 2007
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