Fear Of Missing Out - a pychological condition which leads to participation in events one wouldn't or couldn't normally participate, in (an effort) to acheive bragging rights, or which prevents an individual acting normal in the presence of such an event in case they are invited in by one of the acting parties. Bragging rights are often misjudged at the time of the decision.
Gary went with Julia and Tom into a bedroom at a party to have a threesome, even though Gary doesn't like men, because he was gripped by FOMO. Gary still hasn't spoken about the experience.

Peter couldn't look away from 2 drunk girls making out even though a pretty girl was talking to him. The FOMO was too strong.
by scottallthefriends April 29, 2015
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FOMO - Fear of Missing out

(Noun) The feeling which of anxiety which plagues all MBA students when they cannot decide if they want to go to the networking event or sleep after puling an all-nighter for a final

(Verb) The state of being anxious and in a state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out
Student A: What are you plans this weekend?
Student B : Finals took a toll on my sleep, I don't think i will do much of anything other than sleeping and reading this weekend.
<checks email and texts>
Student A : On second thought, I think I am going for that McKinsey lunch meet, the consulting club meeting in the evening and the Happy Hour with the Social Impact Club.
Student B : Are you sure you're not too tired? or is this the FOMO talking?
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by saec June 08, 2017
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"fear of missing out" - an expression that is used when someone felt that they may be losing out in something huge and decided to join the massive crowd.
Upon realizing the news of Vechain, QTUM, METAVERSE, HPB and Torque Capital Partners are strategic partners and investors of CPChain, many had FOMO into the sale during the last moment in the hope of getting to the moon.
by CPChain January 27, 2018
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literally "fear of missing out" but when all your friends are doing things without you and you have to see it via social media
I had FOMO when I saw the squad out without me
by bababananas May 27, 2017
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