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Used to describe a tool, someone who likes to talk about their girl pickup skills, their money..but really just come off as a tool.
That Foler can't stop talking about himself, what a tool.
by Jeezus Juice October 12, 2007
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(noun) A term believed to have originated in western Canada used to describe anyone who is in a sexual relationship. It is often also used by celibate or very prudish teens who are either emo or born again christians as an insult.

Perhaps started as a euphemism for "fucker"
(between two prudish emo kids)

Rob: "so Sandra and Tim have been hanging out a lot these days eh?"

Andrew: "folers!"

(at bible camp, George snatches Tom's ipod)

George: "whoa, you actually listen to this garbage?"

Tom: "give that back you foler !"

by viscous March 21, 2006
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