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(fob fak-ter) -noun

1. describes the key elements and explanations to behaviour by members of the fob group - that fobs will carry out actions if the actions will increase their popularity/give them membership within a desired fob ingroup and/or will decrease the popularity of those in the outgroup OR the actions will continue to perpetuate negative feelings towards fob outgroup members thereby decreasing the outgroup's members' chances of joining the fob ingroup; only applies to fobs when they are around other fobs (i.e. not applicable to fobs' behaviour around caucasians, african americans, etc.)

2. a style of dress and fashion that is highlighted by high-power expensive brands such as LV, agnes B, Chanel etc. in complement with some elements of the hip-hop/r&b style of rappers in the states.

1. ex. It must have been the fob factor that made Madeline gloat about her outings with the other executives we aren't friends with, after she was placed on the Asian Executive Council.

1. ex. Jane: Why doesn't Bob talk to us anymore after he came back from Hong Kong?
Janet: Two words: fob factor.

2. ex. That bape hoodie and the LV belt are the fob factors in Matthew's outfit today.

by stephaniehy October 22, 2008
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