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when you show up in a town and you need to raise some scrilla, bein a broke ass crusty and you needs some booze. go to the cardboard dumpster (you should have your own sharpie magnum, steal one from office max if you dont) right some shit like
"travelin, broke, hungery. anything helps" or "out of work bank robbers need money for guns" find a busy street, best on freeway off ramps or other high traffic intersections where cars hafta stop at red lights to look at you. you can spange and fly a sign at the same time, but its best to go to a touristy area and have a clever sign. like "hungry hungry hobos" or "parents kidnapped by ninjas need money for
karate lessons" borrow yer friends dog if you aint got one, but be prepared to carry a home a bunch of dog food.
sometimes you aint got no way to make money but to get yer ass to the offramp and get to flying a sign
by ms.coldheart December 30, 2007
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