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Refers to an attractive female's “purchasing” of a mushy-hearted male's compliance/forgiveness/assistance/generosity by giving him a wheedling smile and batting her eyelashes. Often spoken about in a disgusted/sarcastic tone by a fellow male who was not present at the time of said “transaction”, and so he cannot really have any way of knowing for sure if HE HIMSELF might have been hopelessly “melted”, also, if he had been in his buddy's shoes. Daisy Duke is known to be something of an expert at this sort of thing, frequently using her beauty and charm to mellow the otherwise hard-nosed Hazzard County officials and get them to go easier on her two somewhat-reckless cousins.
Recently-arrived museum ticket agent: You mean to tell me that you let that giggle of girls in for FREE?!?!??? Are you outta yer mind, dude?!??

Starry-eyed ticket agent whom he is relieving: Oh, I couldn't help it... they gave me such warm sweet simpery smiles and flapped their long exquisite eyelashes at me in such an alluringly flirty manner that so I just couldn’t bear to charge them anything.

Recently-arrived museum ticket agent: Ahhhh... they pulled the ole' “flutterbuy routine” on you, did they??
by QuacksO December 29, 2013
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