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A guest on the Maury show, who, after finding out they did not correctly identify the father of their baby, falls to the floor face down.
Maury: Johnathen, you are NOT the father.

Rhonda: NO! *falls to the floor in frusration*

Johnathen: *cheers* YEAH! I'm not the daddy!

Steph at home: Rhonda here is a floor kisser.
by MeTheTree December 29, 2006
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A Floor Kisser is someone who can not stop themselves from jumping on the floor in a multiple stories apartment.


A professional kisser that train his / her kissing technique with the floor.
That Floor Kisser lads are causing havoc again last night!

Your ex-girlfriend was a Floor Kisser?
by FishHitTheFan April 20, 2017
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