A amazing rock group from Denver, Colorado.
Much better than a lot of crappy groups from Colorado like 3oh!3.
With their members
Jonny 5
Brer Rabbit
Mackenzie Roberts
Andy Guerrero
Jesse Walker
Kenny Ortiz

They are an amazing group with fantastic music.
"Dude...did you hear that new flobots track?"
"Yeah man! That shit was off the hook!"
by Pesp February 21, 2010
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An amazing Indie hip-hop/rap group that has deep and meaningful lyrics and a diverse and catchy beat to set their songs. They don't go on about killing people in the hood, how hard their life has been, how many hoes they have, or about making money. They rap about real issues.
Damn! That Flobots group has some frickin' sick beats!
by Trick303 December 29, 2007
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flobots are an awesome band with songs like handlebars,rise,jetpack way better then lil wayne cuz they rap about real stuff and make it sound good one of the best bands
go out and pick up flobots CD'S
by chillinabout July 10, 2008
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A Detriot-born band which uses Hip-Hop and Alternative sounds to convey a message of unity and change in America, usually involving activist or liberal causes, such as the anger the band presents towards greed and corruption in their single "Handlebars", or the racial values they express in "Anne Braden". The lyrics in Flobots songs are usually deep and full of meaning, and are often regarded as artistic.

The band uses a platypus as their symbol, their first EP being called "Platypus", and with references to the platypus in many of their songs. (i.e. "The Moon" and "Handlebars")

Flobots also incorporates harmony into their music using the violin. The violinist of Flobots is Mackenzie Roberts.
The new single from Flobots really expresses the problems some people in america have. It's got a wicked beat, too...
by Xylos February 07, 2009
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