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One of many countless slang terms for a woman's breasts, particularly large perky breasts.
*At the annual college swimming championship competition*

Chuck: Damn Sean, did you see that Erica outswim the other contestants for the umpteenth time? She just won the whole tourney and is the undefeated champion of the whole district! I wonder how the hell she does it.
Sean: Lotsa practice obviously. Like the other swimmers. But one could assume that it's in part due to those damn fine floatation devices she got on her! *points and ogles at Erica as she holds up her trophy to the audience*
Chuck: Amen, brother! I sure wanna make that one my little bed mermaid! Giggidy giggidy!

Mark H. UD contributer since February 2004.
by Mark H April 24, 2005
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