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A specific species of hoe, located in the southern state of Florida. They can be of any ethnicity, but the most common form is Caucasian. A flo hoe is usually very poorly dressed (as people in Florida don't have style), wearing a jean mini skirt, sneakers, and a tight t-shirt exposing their muffin tops. They also attend community college or a "university" in Florida, act very obnoxiously, and, above all, they throw their nasty selves at your man.
"Who is that creature yelling and screaming over there by the bar?"
"I don't see her... what's she wearing?"
"A light blue mini skirt, an ugly shirt, and her hair in a ponytail"
"Oh... it's gotta be some flo hoe"
by meowmix11 January 15, 2010
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A Flo Hoe is a very special type of hoe. These are the hoes of Florence, New Jersey. Typically found throughout the whole town but not limited to the Florence high school. Florence is known as Flo town, so the hoes in that town are Flo Hoes.
We went to a Florence home football game and there were about 50 Flo Hoes crowded by the locker room.
by Shinysaphyre July 17, 2016
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