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Rap clique formed in 1996 by Hip-Hop veteran Busta Rhymes
consisting of Busta, Rah Digga, Rampage, Spliff Star, Lord Have Mercy and Baby Sham, with respect to their only disc ever released, The Imperial (1998). The album went gold, a semi-success commercially, yet more importantly critically acclaimed and heralded as an extremely strong album for a rap group who were feared to be overshadowed by the then omnipotent group leader Busta. However Rah Digga, Lord Have Mercy and Spliff Star in particular staked their claim individually on the mic which seemed to indicate both possible solo careers in the future for all, and more importantly the continuation of the Flipmode legacy, after Busta's constant screaming "FLIPMODE IZ DA SQUAD!!" on all of his solo LPs. Rah Digga released a hugely successful debut "Dirty Harriet" but as Busta changed record labels after his final elektra disc in 2000 "Anarchy", his magnificent rep as a lyricist grew weaker as he sold out to become more commercial, making a track with Mariah Carey and other pop artists. Ironically his newer albums were held under low esteem and he has been far too occupied trying in vain to regain his success of 1998's "E.L.E." that the Flipmode Squad's sophomore album intended for release in 2000 "The Rulership Movement" was never even really begun. Various mixtapes have featured halfhearted tracks which are little compared to the storms created on 1998's "The Imperial" and so the Flipmode Squad are generally regarded as weak sauce, though there was a day, around a decade ago, when the trademark "FLIPMODE IZ DA SQUIDAUD" catchphrase rang true.
"flipmode squad"
"flipmode iz da squad!!"
"you know what I rep, dat's Flip-mode-Squad!" - Busta, 'We Put It Down For Y'all"
"Flipmode iz da squidaaad!" - Rampage da last boyscout, 'Woo-Hah!! Got Y'all In Check"
"flipmode flipmode y'all"
"flip it flip it"

by Episcopus December 21, 2006
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Filipinos are sometimes referred to as Flips; therefore, a Flip Mode Squad would be a group of Filipinos.
"Who's coming to the party with you?"

"Yo, I'm coming with the Flip Mode Squad."

"That's what's up."
by randomactsofkindness December 13, 2008
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