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A farewell phrase similar to the slang "lata", except that it is to be used when exiting a room or area immediately after experiencing flatus. By leaving with this parting word you are leaving your pungent scent for the persons you were with.
Shortly after releasing a green stink cloud, Steve snickered and said, "flata" as he left his comrades in a smoke screen of flatus.
by Mr. Fuel April 03, 2007
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It's a word to describe an A student who is a smartass who is arrogant and thinks he's smarter than AlbertEinstein and thinks his IQ is 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 quintillion.
Guy: What did you get on the AA2 test with MANDEEP Kumar you Nasal Passage
Tareq: A Flat-A
Guy: Go kill yourself you aeronautical Nasal engineer
by Nasal Passage February 05, 2018
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Swedish word meaning lesbian or "dyke". Could also refer to any woman obsessed with equity, bismerching any human of the male gender. Often found writing debate articles about animal rights, vegetarian food, gender stereotypes among nursery toddlers and so on. Seems pissed off with anyone or anything, constantly looking for a verbal battle. Drama queen. Questionable if they really are homosexual or just wanting to broaden their sexual horizons...
my ex's new girlfriend turned out to be a "flata". Serves his right, doesn't it?
by Little_puppet June 27, 2016
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It's the word when you're a smart ass and you're just such a big piece of shit that you're just a fricken Albert Einstein Mofo.

It's not an A- or an A+ it's just a nice flat and juicy A
Dis dumbass mofo: Yo what'd u got on the test u nasal passage
Dis Smart ass mofo: Haha I got a Flat-A
Dis dumbass mofo: Wow, ur such a nasal passage.
Dis Smart ass mofo: Haha, at least I'm not a refurbished Amarjeet Fifa support.
by JuicyFatPigletSlayer February 05, 2018
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