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Could be Belizian creole---English "floozy"
A busy body, usually a past-middle age, oddly overweight, short woman and if she smokes a cigarette is hanging... that lives in condominium (apt.) complexes in Florida, US and is always walking around, looking, snooping (literally), taking notes.
If there is a happening,it could be nothing or an accident or police looking for armed suspects at midnight-she is there. She befriends unknowing residents to get personal info and gossip, then uses it for personal satisfaction. Often they are on the condo board, mostly by default, sometimes they are even officers-ICK-the worst-in this case they use their authority to really do personal damage, like have cars towed at midnight or get competent onsite staff frustrated beyond return or even fired.
Do you know what that*******flarsy did now?
No, Mrs. is no longer friends with that *****flarsy.

I know of two superb examples in two separate places here in Florida.
My example has been verified by four separate people, at least.
by Deborah Cordier January 16, 2006
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