Unnecessarily complicated or pretentious words that smug assholes use to assert their perceived intellectual "superiority."
Brad: "Frankly, the film's quality was substandard at best, leading to an inherent dissociation and disconnect to myself as a paying audience member. It was almost insolent in its pandering. Thus, I can only describe the experience in viewing the film as one of a cataclysmic nature."

Tina: "So, you're saying you didn't like the film. What's with all the five-dollar words?"

Brad: "That statement is a gross oversimplification of my feelings regarding what should be a work of art. I'm merely trying to open and nurture a dialog , so that we may enjoy eachother's company in the spirit of natural, healthy debate."

Tine: "You're just trying to impress me and get in my pants, aren't you? Ain't happening."

Brad: "Well... shit."
by TaxiFred September 1, 2016
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Large words, often hard to pronunciate
-I am a proffessional in pharmicutical representation

-Man, don't use those five dollar words with me

-Oh i'm sorry, i mean i'm good at being a doctor
by Feisty! February 2, 2007
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