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an extremey preppy summer island (also Year round) that in the summer time gets filled with preppy kids. every way you turn you see blond, wavy hair, pastels, and cliques. the cliques are bad. they suck. its ridiculous, if you don't go for one summer you're not in a group anymore. word spreads like wild fire on this island, it'a little pathetic. "partying" entails breaking into dad's liquor cabinet and sitting at home and drinking either cheap beer or very expensive liquor, or sitting around cars, getting high near a beach then about 5 minutes later getting busted by a bike cop because the neighbor said you were too loud.

some good people though

not a bad place to grow up but gets hella old as you get older and people get meaner

has some redeaming qualities but the people make the place
i used to go to fishers island but then wanted a life.
by past that April 11, 2007
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a hella preppy island that is tiny, but in the summer feels ten times larger. it gets a ton of shit because its basically just a smaller and less public version of the Hamptons, but it's a good time. everyone is decently rich, but we don't really bother flaunting it as much as some other summer communities. if you have friends, the summers are soo fun, but if you aren't friends with the people your age, it can be really boring. fun usually means getting high or drunk on one of the beaches and then sleeping over at a friends house for the night, and then proceeding to bike home at 7 am because you forgot about your job.

also, theres two main country clubs that are verryyyy different. Hay Harbor is smaller and more kid friendly, and you'll probably enjoy doing tennis there until you're about 16. The Big Club is a lot harder to get into, and is mainly for golf but people go to the beach as well. they're both pretty fun, but for different things.

the island is really just a bunch of privileged, private school kids pretending they didn't get high right before dinner at the club. its fun to grow up at though. if you make good friends, they'll be there for the rest of your life.
(most likely at a prep school campus, such as westminster or st. pauls)

hey, I summer in the Hamptons, bow bout you?

I have a house on fishers island that I go to in the summer. its really small, but a good time.

oh yeah, I've heard of that... do you know *a name you dont know*, I think they go there.
by lovelyprep October 03, 2018
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