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A fish fucker is an incompetent county employee... prone laziness in all forms, a cunning back stabber but basically lacking real intelligence or character... and manages to shift the blame for his own bad actions and laziness to others..
Statement....John is a major fish-fucker, I can't believe all the shit that lazy bastard gets away supervisor he let an employee steal $385,000 then claimed he wasn't responsible because he's not an accountant..and his administrative aid went to prison... while he bought a new house with proceeds from his fish fuckery..

Reply... What was he doing, while it all came down? Fucking a fish in the bathroom or was he doing a Richard Gere fish cakewith it?

Did the fish cum?

Answer..No the fish-fuckers dick is too small and flaccid to make anyone or thing cum, even himself
by Coyote sasquatch November 15, 2013
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Where one of your mates goes fishing and tries to get one off with a fish.
"Oi Kevin, you know Harold yea, he is one of them Fish fuckers."
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by Child abuse January 19, 2019
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