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Yo mama, can be also used as "Who's ur daddy?"
finux own you. Finux will own you. Finux owned you. Finux always own you. Finux will always own you. Finux already owned you too much.
by no no July 04, 2004
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Financial User Experience networking group -

Financial UX (finUX) is a professional networking group with an emphasis on connecting the community of resources focused on creating best practices in User-Centered Design specific to the financial industry.

Core Concepts:
*Human-Computer Interaction
*User-Centered Design
*Financial Strategy
*Integration of Technology
*Customer Experience Optimization

Key elements to this community are recognition of the principles in UCD from clearly defining the problem to usability & accessibility testing, all while never losing context of the financial environment.
finUX is a network of experts committed to providing strategies, standards, and systems to design, manage and perpetually improve the end-to-end financial industry customer experience.
by February 09, 2009
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