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Adjective, noun; to be belligerent and arrogant, to willfully disregard quality advice and pursue delusions of grandeur of achieving a victory in the US Supreme Court striking down all marijuana law on the basis of arguments that have failed countless times for others. A finshaggy naively believes that the courts and the police are honest, and that waving a copy of the Constitution before a cop is like warding off a vampire with garlic.
This finshaggy dude went to jail for a year after his appeal was laughed out of court.
by purklize July 18, 2012
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A Marijuana Advocate and Breeder from Texas (Now living in the recreationally legal state of Colorado), who post pictures/videos/articles/ideas/theories and helpful advice/tips, all over the internet in an attempt to educate people. Not only about Marijuana, but the world around us as well. You can find him easily in an online search(Google search FinShaggy), and he is very friendly if you speak to him like a human being... But if you talk shit, he will come back with shit talk EVERY time, like snaps from back in the 80's. So, if you don't want shit talk coming your way, don't talk shit to him.

He is stalked constantly online by trolls (because when they talk shit, he talks shit back and they take it personally), which only serves to expand his notoriety. But he will soon be a well known player in not only the medical, but recreational Marijuana Industry all over America.
Why does FinShaggy get hated on so much?

I learned how to make has0h from watching FinShaggy on YouTube.

I searched FinShaggy on Google, and there were over 20 pages about him.

Have you seen the pictures of FinShaggy's X girlfriends, you should look them up.

FinShaggy keeps those trolls in check, it's like he's a magnet that keeps them in a cage.

FinShaggy is the most well known member of RIU

I want to go to Colorado and meet FinShaggy
by finshaggy December 27, 2012
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