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A pejorative term for an individual who is persistently annoying, excessively vain, most likely bespectacled, and perhaps mentally dysfunctional.
David: "I had the roommate from hell! He always wore a fedora, thought himself the lady's man, and was such a momma's boy!"

Dylan: "Ugh...are you serious?! My roommate was a little prick who was so full of shit, he literally needed an enema."

Stephy: "You guys sound like you lived with such totes legit finkrats."
by The Olympian Martyr April 24, 2011
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a name to call an unpopular nerd who
wins over the girls he wants.
cool guy:hey ladies what you doing on friday?
ladies to nerd:hey frank(nerd)want to go out on friday?
cool guy:what a finkrat
by anonymous April 10, 2004
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