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The act of removing a living being's intestines from their body and subsequently tying of either end while filling it with air to mimic a long balloon. The balloon is then bent and twisted into a balloon animal. Sometimes, instead of an animal, a tuba is tied, hence the term "filthy tuba" is derived. These balloons are commonly distributed by juggalos at County fairs in southern Minnesota, targeting a market of children between the ages of the and twelve years, preferably family members of the initial victim. For best results, pop the balloon shortly after distribution to invoke the most delicious and savory shock and sorrow within the child.
"Hey, did you see that clown at the fair the other day handing out free balloon animals?"
"Those weren't balloons, they were filthy tubas!"
by The SkyboundJester June 26, 2015
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Balloon animals made from intestines. Real great at parties.
Clown: "What kind of animal do you want, little boy?"
Kid: "What is a filthy tuba?"
Clown: "i'll show you. Do you happen to have a dog?"
by Bongojangles237 December 19, 2016
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Despite plenty of public ridicule towards the notion of "clown college," it is a fairly sophisticated establishment, full of ancient traditions and practices not known to the common man. An aspiring clown is only allowed to graduate once they complete the sacred ritual known as a filthy tuba. The jovial neophyte will begin by offering up a sacrifice to the old gods, Kid Villain and John Kickjazz of the Insane Clown Posse. Then they will remove the sacrifice's intestine and tie off one end. After blowing the guts up like a balloon, the soon-to-be graduate must tie it into a balloon animal. The sacrifice alone will earn a bachelor's in clownography. In order to acquire a master's degree, the balloon must be tied into a tuba-like shape, and it must be used to perform Beethoven's 3rd Symphony in its entirety.
Johnny: Hey, how are finals going?
Chuckles: I've just got one more: the filthy tuba.
Johnny: Oh, sick. Do you need any help studying?
Chuckles: Sure, let's practice!
by Jiggity-Joe April 27, 2017
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