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Contrary to Professor Anon's definition, (which mostly got thumbs up because the Internet is infested by Filipinos who tend to be on the net 24-7) an average Filipino's penis is nowhere near 7.5 inches.

It is still close to the average Asian penis size, which is 5.5 inches in length.

Spanish and American blood contrary to popular Filipino opinion (which is full of colonial mentality meaning they wannabe white) is not even 10% present in 95% of the Filipino population.

If you think the reason there's a lot of Filipinos with white women in America compared to other Asian men is because of their penis size, you are sorely mistaken. Unlike men, not all women measure a man's worth by how big their penises are.

So if you're Filipino and reading the other definition and feel bad for yourself because your dick is nowhere near 7.5 inches, don't be. Most likely your dick size is close to the median. Just be confident, love yourself and go pursue the woman you want whatever her ethnicity.
Filipino Dude: Man, my cousin has a hot white girlfriend!

Filipino Dude 2: Yeah dude, it's because Filipinos have big dicks man. It's the Spanish/American blood in us! Filipenis ftw!!

Filipino Dude 3: No, you're wrong. He has a hot white girlfriend because he actually had the balls to ask her out while you two sit around playing DoTA or WoW on your computers 24-7. Get a life. Filipenis is mostly only 5.5 inches long.

Filipino Dude 1 & 2: ...
by apersonwhoknows November 29, 2010
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the charicteristically large and tan penis belonging to a man of Filipino decent.

Disgrepancies on the size in relation to the ethnic group relate directly to mixtures in bloodlines, with more and more prevalent influxes of Asian interbreeding among native populations.

It is typically above 7.5 inches on the low average, with many scared differently from undergone traditional adolescent circumscisions implimented through various uses of bamboo.
Have you seen Manny's filipenis?

Look at his pants, it's ridiculous!
by Professor Anon July 05, 2009
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