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Popularized by Jesse Jones a filayyyy is when on a basketball court u do a variety of moves like a tween(between the legs) snatch(snatch back) and they u “skip through the lane” (Attack the basket) and lay the ball up. Sometimes the filayyy would be finished in a jelly layup
Tween tween behind the back spin move skip through that lane Filayyyyyy
by Stephen Ikama December 11, 2017
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When you do a move in a basketball game (ONLY BASKETBALL NO OTHER SPORTS) that stands out. It is mostly used when a Jelly Layup is done but can be used when a shot (preferably a threepointer) is made but if you use it after a made shot the person will have to do some sort of nice dribble move before it - When I say “USED” I mean saying it in a melodic tone

Pronounce it in the melodic tone as; (Fill • Aye • EE • YAY)
* Kyrie Irving Jellys on the snake himself KD in the finals.... A Man yells out “FILAYYY

* James Harden crosses to his right, then under his legs to his left then behind the back to his right, an then steps back and shoots a 3-pointer over Stephen Curry.... A man yells out “FILAYYY”
by Kloading April 20, 2018
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