When a guy sticks multiple fingers into a girl and spreads his fingers along with other possible maneuvers. fiddles
Guy 1: Yo, guess what my girl let me do?
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: She let me be the first person to fiddlestick her.
Guy 2: Oh damn man.
by Thevergin December 07, 2018
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The repositioning and or grabbing one stick and putting it somewhere else, OR A sexual mate preferably female; grabs the penis and shakes it around in a festive manner to help get an erection.
Sally noticed I hadn't been hard in days, so she gave me some fiddlesticks, and I was harder than a diamond in a snowstorm.
by magicmangina September 26, 2008
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a non-offensive way of saying "Bugger" in the sense of "Oh Bugger" or someone who likes to twirl twigs around between their fingers...
"Oh Fiddleticks" or You fiddlesticker/stickfiddler
by ChibiGarrick September 30, 2002
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1) Sticks, or branch-like objects that are left in careless places, just awaiting a small child to pick them up and give them a good fiddling with.

2) A Voilin Bow (pl)
1) "Oh Crikey! Jepetto has found my fiddlesticks!"

2) "All my fiddlesticks are made of cat gut I'm afraid"
by zippy January 05, 2005
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a word that means jack shit even though it's supposed to be something you say when you mess up. IT'S NOT A SAYING!
you dumbass, fiddlesticks isn't a word, you deserve two kicks in the ass
by iamthezebra August 15, 2010
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