1.latin word: for strong, couragous, wild.
2.Female user on Genmay
1. Where ever you would one would use ferocious.
2. "Ferox on Genmay is hot."
by Anonymous August 5, 2003
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Fierce and/or Fabulous
Absolutely Fantastic
That dress you are wearing is so ferox.
by Zoe927 March 12, 2008
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A fantastical monster named after the Latin word “ferox.” Ferox in Latin means wild, strong or courageous, so a ferox demon would really just mean wild demon. A ferox demon resembles a large rhino with an extremely jagged horn. It has large, gray, thin wings that help it maneuver in the air. It also has a very long, thin, flat tail that it uses to hit you while in the air, or on the ground. It’s an extremely formidable beast that is a menace to mankind.
The ferox demon’s came down from their volcanoes and raided the large outpost nearby, taking dozens of footmen with them.
by Enigma of Yggdrasil July 27, 2021
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