Used to describe a close minded person that will argue for the sake of arguing. They will take a stance against you regardless of the information presented, accuracy is not important. If proven wrong via facts, they will continue to argue and/or attempt to move the conversation to a different topic.
This Reddit user is a fence post. Move along and stop wasting your time.
by Kint Macedonia October 29, 2019
When a man or woman inserts their elbow into a womans vagina whilst they shit.
shitelbowvaginaorgasmfarmfence post
by Gizzmiester 3000 May 18, 2010
In Female-to-Male (FTM) transsexuals, any type of penile prosthesis, especially those made of silicone that are made to extend and retract to simulate an erection in the by the owner's manipulation.
"Holy shit! Look at the bulge in her pants! I'm pretty sure she's packing a Wyoming Fence Post!"
by PNC Oy! December 17, 2012
Means one of two things.
1:Something one guy tells another to make a point.
2:A type of crucifixion where you are tranfixed to a fence post by having your pecker nailed to it where you will have to stay till you die or someone comes along to rescue you.
1:Hears the keys to my car.Put a dent in it and I a nail your pecker to a fence post.
2:There's that queer again.Lets nail his pecker to a fience post.
And that is the meaning of nail his/your pecker to a fence post.
by Deep blue 2012 January 9, 2010