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A female that is indeed such a horrible, stupid, and disrespectful person that they can be compared as something only used to clean a disgusting and smell vagina. Yuck!

*A douchebag really can be male or female and people that think only males can be douchebags, are douchebags. If you are a female douchebag, the examples relate to you.
If at least two of these relate to you, congratulations, you are a female douchebag.
*(If you didn't get that that was sarcasm, you're a female douchebag.)
*Wearing fake nails, having a bellybutton piercing, fake tanning, etc. (Jersey Shore crew.)
*Watching jersey shore because it's cool
*Not knowing and/or caring about the difference between its, it's, their, there, they're, your, you're, etc.

*One who dumps their friends for a boyfriend/girlfriend (if lesbo or bisexual)
*One who doesn't trust themselves and is desperate, an attention seeker, and makes everyone else's life miserable
*A wanna be
*One who smells TERRIBLE! One who either uses douche or who doesn't wash their vagina and lets it crust and reek (when around people)
*Fuckers, cheaters, etc.
*you guys get the point.
by Mental Muscle 4 U January 14, 2012
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