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Typically smaller than a male's brain, which comes to explain their general naivety and gullibilty. In some instances female brains are the same size or close to the same size as male brains. But these brains are defective, as it is still very easy to get laid.

All in all, female brains are benefical to males.
I told this bitch I loved her an hour after meeting her, and thanks to her small female brain I got laid.

Female: I thought he loved me.

Male friend who has to put up with her bullshit whining and overall naivety: No. You barely knew him, that's the funny part. What did you expect? Dumb bitch.
by well then December 16, 2007
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The center of the nervous system in all female vertebrate animals.

The human female encephalon is a powerful tool which is responsible for the fact that women have been outperforming men at all stages of secondary and post-secondary education (i.e., "high school" and "college") in all G8 and OECD countries (e.g., PISA 2001).

In their fixation on size, the vast majority of males try to justify their unfounded feelings of superiority by comparing brain sizes.

However, it takes more than a Second Grade education to know that it is the ratio of brain weight to body weight which presents a correlation to intelligence rather than the brain weight itself. Ergo: Men's bodies are proportionately larger and hence so are their brains, hands, feet, arms, etc. But it is the ratio of brain weight and body weight which may or may not predict intelligence, not brain weight.

Moreover, while the human male brain is larger on average, the processing centers in the human female brain are more closely interconnected due to a larger corpus callosum.
If the other definition of "female brain" is indicative of men's intelligence, men deserve all the help from educated women they can get.
by The Happy Humanist August 10, 2010
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