the residue that forms around your nostril shortly after snorting illegal; methamphetamine, cocaine, etc.
Before talking to anyone of authority check your nose for a felony ring.
by Matt's Ruca May 21, 2007
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A circle of powder, ringing the inside of one's nostril which can be left over (or I suppose even BUILD UP) from the ingestion of an illegal drug in powder form by "snorting", or quickly inhaling said powder through a small straw or glass tube (usually known as a "Tooter")inserted directly into a nostril. Most common among cocaine users; however, the term "felony ring" was first coined by meth-amphetamine users, since if the wrong person noticed, it could lead to a felony charge, as the laws are quite strict and harsh for what could be considered MINISCULE amounts of the drug. In essence, a felony ring contains enough of the drug, in weight, for one to be charged with a felony.
(In the same sense as two friends who are running a few quick checks on each other's appearance before going into a packed night club)

"Any felony rings? No? Good- no jail for ME today!"
by fLexicOnartist February 6, 2008
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white, sometimes crusty remnants of post-nasal drip caused by "doing a line" or "some lines" of an illegal substance such as cocaine or methaphetamine (speed). Possession of any of these illegal drugs is classified as a felony. These remnants will often form ring(s) in the opening of the nasal passages.
Felony Ring(s)
Those felony ring(s) are going to get you fired!

I know what he had for lunch. Look at those felony ring(s).

Always check your nose in the mirror for felony ring(s) after lunch.
by G's Spot November 17, 2005
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