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To suck semen out of ones ass after anal intercourse and snowball (spit) it back in that persons mouth.
After Darren came in Kelli's ass he felched the semen back out and felchballed her.
by Ornery August 01, 2006
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After vaginal intercourse you allow the semen to drip down to her asshole, eat it out, and then spit it back into her mouth. It's a mixture of felching and snowballing.
"Want to try a felchball tonight? After that donkey punch I'm sure it's nothing for you..."
by Cryophile October 23, 2009
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its a cross between felching and snowballing so you suck up the cum then spit it into your partners mouth.
john wanted to felch but stephanie didnt so they felchballed to make them both happy.
by dick slap to the face February 22, 2009
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