Nigerian music, band-leader, singer, and activist who founded the Afro-beat genre of music and achieved international acclaim for it. Outspoken critic of the Nigerian government. Educated and traveled through the UK and US. Released over 50 albums, mostly while he was alive.

Detractors highlight his propensity to have numerous sex partners (which led to his death from AIDS in 1997), unnecessarily long songs, and his extreme addiction to marijuana. For these reasons and his influence some call him "Africa's Bob Marley".
(In talking about the Nigerian military government) "Them leave sorrow, tears, and blood Chorus of singers: Them regular trademark!." - Fela Kuti's song "Sorrow, Tears, and Blood"

"International thief thief! ITT!" - infamously fraudulent communications company in Nigeria
by Chimaobi A. August 27, 2006