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Used in place of F*CK in instances where you can't swear for fear of retribution. I.E. at work, school, etc.
What the Feezle? (most common usage)

by Benfu October 28, 2006
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A feezle is a person that gets high on drugs and does super heroe things hes the most vicous predator you would ever meet but is also so amazing. A feezle could be a brother , sister , father or mother. Even you could be a feezle just think about some of the stupid things you did to get high now times that by 100 thats a real feezle.
You send the feezle up in there to get um
He off the deisal aint no fear up in um
He play with demons and liable chop up
everybody thats in them buildings
by israel velez January 16, 2008
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