When a person can no longer control their feels (emotions) and burst into a session of vivid memories specific to what caused the feels
After breaking up with his girlfriend, Bob had a feel trip about all the good times they had together
"My mom passed away this time last year, I think I might have a feel trip"
by Number64 March 17, 2014
When a person is undergoing intense feels or a wave of emotion; "tripping on feels".
Man, this anime is sadd.... I'm on a feels trip :'(
by xiulp August 24, 2013
When you and a friend have a kind of bromance and share personal experiences with each other, becoming closer friends because of it. Synonyms: Heart-to-heart, bromance
You - Last night was quite a feel trip, eh charles?
Charles - Yeah man, the feels were running rampant, glad we had that talk.
You - Me too, bud.
by Hippie Mittens March 20, 2014