Anything posted online that shows conspiring or premeditated planning of criminal activity.
These statements spoken or typed can be used against the defendants by the Federal GovernmentFeds” in a criminal prosecution case.
Hey bro, let’s go to D.C. and waste all the Politicians. Yo! Stop fed posting, we don’t want a knock at the door comes by an alphabet agency.
by Blueiceman January 8, 2021
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Fed posting is when an obvious federal agent is trying to pose as a harmless social media user but is obviously trying to remove any opposition to the American authority by either lying about communism or spreading bait for potential incriminating responses
Pretty online girl: I don't like what the Chinese Communist Party is doing with communism to fight America

Everyone else: Nice try, CIA. Next time maybe make it less obvious you're fed posting
by Definetly not the CIA February 2, 2023
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